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We feel honored to receive such kind words from our patients.  See what some people are saying about our practice!

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"After searching for a reputable gynecologist for two years, my search ended when I was referred to Dr. Graf. Her expertise, care and concern, paired with the professionalism of her staff, make each visit a pleasant one." (Racquel S.)

"As a patient and as physician I was very happy with my care from Dr. Graf.  She is a very talented doctor and surgeon.  She helped me through my first pregnancy and c-section.  She always listened to me and answered all my questions.  I was always seen in the office in a timely manner and the office staff was efficient and very friendly.  I would not hesitate even for a second to recommend Dr. Graf to anyone including my family." (Kiran S.)

"It's difficult to put into words without feeling emotional the amount of love, gratitude and respect I have for Dr. Graf.  We have been on a long journey together and she has saved my life on more than one occasion.  First, she listened to me when no one else would and as a result, caught my ovarian cancer when it was still stage 1 and then she helped me to deliver a healthy pre-term baby boy after a very complicated pregnancy.  Even though it has been a difficult road, Dr. Graf has been there every step of the way and has treated me with such a high level of care and compassion that I don't know where I would be without her.  I can only wish that every woman have a doctor like I do.  Truth is, I really believe that each of us has a special calling and hers is medicine and you can tell that she loves what she does through and through.  Again and always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything." (Carole Enger)  

"I found Dr. Harris on the Internet during a search for an OBGYN. From the minute I walked into her office, she made me feel like I was talking with a friend, but smarter, lol! She answered all of my questions, made me feel at ease, and assured me that she could help me with my problems. It was truly a blessing for me to find her, and she has truly helped me." (Anonymous)

"I am a new patient of Dr. Graf’s as of January 2010. Usually, I would dread the annual trip to the gynecologist. But after my first visit, I felt like I knew her for years! She is so warm, kind and caring. She puts you at ease and really makes you feel comfortable. I am so happy my best friend referred me to her. Dr. Graf is my doctor for life and I look forward to having her there when I start the journey of motherhood." (Nicole T.)

"Dr. Graf is hands down the best OBGYN out there.  She'll listen to your concerns without judgment and she won't make you feel awkward or embarrassed about ANYTHING.  I told her I was sexually assaulted a few years ago and she listened to me with the ear of a counselor and she offered me support and resources to help me get through it.  Dr. Graf is incredibly patient and she'll take the time to ask YOU if you have any more questions (most docs can't wait to get you out of the door!).  Dr. Graf possess the kindness of a friend and the knowledge and confidence you'd want in any doctor.  Her staff is also very professional, personable, and friendly."  (Anonymous)